Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Perfect Blend...

So you ask her ‘the last Indian girl’ what is it that she wants? What does she see her future like? And she sits upright, as if now she will shoot with her future plan point-by-point. 
And she spills out with total confidence.’I don’t know…lets see…’
That’s her, confident about being totally confused.
You want to understand her, go ahead give it a shot, but later don’t say, I dint warn You!
She has a perfect blend of every attribute present under this sun. Its just that this universe is not used to perfections, hence she is always labeled as ‘Impossible woman full of complexities!’
As you will read further, you will be amused with the patterns of her life, 
and how amazingly she moves through the criss-cross paths humming her tune, flirting with destiny! 

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