Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Perfect Blend...

So you ask her ‘the last Indian girl’ what is it that she wants? What does she see her future like? And she sits upright, as if now she will shoot with her future plan point-by-point. 
And she spills out with total confidence.’I don’t know…lets see…’
That’s her, confident about being totally confused.
You want to understand her, go ahead give it a shot, but later don’t say, I dint warn You!
She has a perfect blend of every attribute present under this sun. Its just that this universe is not used to perfections, hence she is always labeled as ‘Impossible woman full of complexities!’
As you will read further, you will be amused with the patterns of her life, 
and how amazingly she moves through the criss-cross paths humming her tune, flirting with destiny! 

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rites and Passages

What are the qualities a prospective bride must have?
Very fair (Indian remember), beautiful, homely and traditional...at the same time must be out-going and adventurous (the modern felons have added to this list)...

The list is endless and ever-increasing.

So what really makes the Indian Girl marriageable material?

Its not like there are any chants or scriptures that need to be read. No. Not really.
She just needs to pass muster with almost the entire family (of the prospective groom) before even meeting the guy in question.

And trust me, there's a long line of relatives and friends waiting to pounce and critique. Its not really their fault. Such is the norm actually.

So finally when she does go through the entire gruel (she doesn't even know she's being scrutinised, mind you; all this happens with just one or two photos in hand), the ball is then in her family's court.

Where the guy in question is given the same gruel by her family (the very same procedure applies here too).

The criticism isn't really necessary though is it? 
There's still one person (or should I say a few) who hasn't entered the equation as yet.

The Family Astrologer.

And boy is he of importance.

But this is what usually happens...

Proposal>families exchange photos via email or post>gruel on both sides>horoscopes are exchanged in the same manner>astrologer1>matches>astrologer2 (you know second opinion and all)>matches>astrologer3 (why not a third opinion)> matches>astrologer4 (I'm sure you get my drift by now....>....>....>....>DOESN'T MATCH!

Ohhoo!! Now what do we do? This astrologer(n) said 'NO'.

Should we go ahead? It's the future of my child in question...

Meanwhile, the Indian Girl (unmarried) (child) is impervious to all this. She is quite obviously used to this drill and nothing ruffles her feathers anymore.

The Indian Boy (single) (unmarried) just doesn't feature in this.
Forget about being impervious, he's quite simply put oblivious to whatever is going on!


R.S.V.P if you wish to...

Friday, 27 May 2011

We Have To Begin Somewhere

This blog is a mirror of The Last Indian Girl (unmarried). Her quests to find the Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right.
Her sometimes dyslexic and paranoid but otherwise lovely family and relatives, friends who when in doubt don't know whether to support or make light of the situation.

All in all...its a diary of the unmarried Indian girl.

The quest (for a handsome man in possession of a large fortune) begins at quite an early age really speaking. 
Right from during the pre-puberty stages, where the girl starts becoming tall and gawky (in her braces), the elders start saying, "That's enough! Don't grow any taller or we won't be able to find a boy tall enough for you!"

To the quintessential 12 year old, the story of a horse-drawn carriage and Prince Charming is still wonderfully pure and not contaminated by the real life experiences she'll soon face when she enters her college years so to speak. 
She starts planning that by the time I'm 23years old, I will be married to a tall handsome guy (remember we're Indian; so we don't really have a fixation for dark in either of our sexes), living in a beautiful home and having tea-parties with friends.

As she grows older, her dream starts having lesser characters. Ambitions and aspirations begin to take root and all too soon the happily ever after is pushed to farthest corner of her mind.

NOT the same case for her family mind you.

Come 21 and everybody is fumbling in their own way to try their hand in match-making. Proposals (rishtaas) start pouring in, but none seem to click or go beyond a certain stage.

Poojas, yagnas and suggestions begin to play on the family's mind.
Nobody's advice is ill or unheeded.

Soon the Indian Girl is called the Unmarried Indian Girl.

This is her journey to the Wedding Mandap.


R.S.V.P if you wish to....


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